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Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions
1-800-DISC JOCKEY is like no other, therefore it is understandable that you would have some questions to be answered.

We offer profiles of  thousands of local DJs nationwide. 1-800-DISC JOCKEY independently evaluates each DJ that applies from the area and will only approve them if they meet the minimum standards.

  • Are there any finder's fees, etc for using your service?

    1-800-DISC JOCKEY does not charge any fees to find a DJ in it's network.

  • Who is the DJ, and how do I know I will like him or her?

    You can pick your favorite disc jockey based on their profile and your interview with them. Some interviews are by phone, while others are in person. The choice is yours.

  • Does he have any references?

    Absolutely. Each DJ must supply references upon joining our network. You are also welcome to ask for more references. He/she will be happy to provide them to you if your uncertain of his/her quality after reviewing their profile on-line and speaking with them yourself.

  • Do you have DJs that speak Spanish or another language?

    Absolutely. We have many international and bi-lingual Disc Jockeys in our network. To view them, use our advanced filters. (For an example, click here).

  • Will the DJ also be an "MC" (Master of Ceremonies)

    Most of our Wedding DJs are required to have MC experience before we consider them for our network.

  • Can I choose a DJ based on my budget?

    Yes! We have advanced filtering options that allows you to only view DJs in your budget range. (example click here).

  • What will his/her attire be?

    Usually tuxedo or suit (your choice).  Also depends on the type of event or location of the party.

  • I'm a disc jockey, where can I apply for membership?

    We are currently accepting new DJ members throughout the USA. Please apply by clicking here.

If you have more questions not answered above, send to a message via our Contact Us page.