The Cost of Hiring the “Wrong DJ”

Every event coordinator knows how important entertainment is to the overall success of their event, but sometimes the hired entertainer is not the right fit. With more and more amateur disc jockeys entering the business each year, it gets increasingly difficult to find the best talent. But the consequences of hiring the wrong person for the job can cost much more than just the DJ’s contracted fee.

A great DJ will ensure your guests remain comfortable and entertained throughout the whole of your event. For example, if it’s a wedding or a party you’re hosting, they will inspire everyone to get up and dance or participate in all of the games and activities. The last thing an event coordinator wants to have is a room full of bored guests, and if the DJ acts as though he’d rather be anywhere but there, does not come prepared with a collection of music that appeals to the majority of your guests and does not maintain an affable, approachable personality throughout the event, your guests will not be impressed. Even worse, the next time they are invited to one of your events, they may think twice before sending in their RSVP.

Worse than boring your guests is the risk of offending them. You’ll risk exactly that if you hire a DJ who does not know how to read his audience or who does not understand the cultural uniqueness nor speak the language spoken by the majority of your guests. The right DJ carefully listens to and follows all of the basic guidelines provided by the event coordinator and uses their terrific communication skills and lengthy experience working with audiences like yours to eliminate the threat of accidental offence. Rest assured, if your guests should ever be offended, you will never hear the end of it and you can guarantee a decline on your next invite.

Financial and emotional costs aside, the greatest cost of hiring the wrong DJ is the risk you might not have any entertainment at all. All the best DJs show up on time to not just the event itself, but every meeting with the coordinator leading up to the event. If you cannot rely on the DJ to answer all of your phone calls and emails prior to the event, how can you be sure they’ll show up at all? Accidents will happen, but good DJs account for this and come prepared with all the necessary backup equipment should any of their gear fail during their performance.

The best way to avoid hiring the wrong DJ is to hire from an agency with a long history of promoting the right ones. You can start a search instantly by Googling reputable talent agencies in your area. Often those representing the best will appear in the first couple pages of your search. Don’t settle for anything less than the best!

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