How to Find the Safest DJs for Proms, Homecoming and Other School Dances

With huge advancements in technology and the continual decrease in prices, smart phones, tablets and MP3 players are becoming more and more prevalent in our society and it seems every kid these days has one or all of the above at their disposal nearly 24 hours a day.  Therefore, as much as we try our best to protect them, with this kind of technology always at the ready, not to mention the constant pressure of their peers, our kids are exposed to potentially harmful influences on a minute-by-minute basis.  All we as parents and educators can hope to do is try and expose them to the safest influences we can.  School dances are no exception, which is why principles and faculty take the entertainment provided at their proms, homecoming and other school dances so seriously.  Here are a couple smart things to consider when seeking the safest DJs for all of your school’s dances.


First of all, it’s important to know that there are a great number of professional mobile DJs who specialize in school dances.  They listen to the radio, they know all of the current Top 40 hits and they know which songs are safe for all audiences and which songs are best avoided during their performances.  You can begin searching for one of these talented DJs immediately by consulting reputable talent agency websites that promote DJs who specialize in proms and other school dances in your area.  The longer the agency has been in business, the more likely they’re disc jockeys are reliable and represent the best, most responsible DJs the industry has to offer.  Just be sure their websites are professional and allow you to easily search for a school dance disc jockey by location and price point.


While most school dance DJs are knowledgeable and aware of their highly sensitive and impressionable audience, there are always songs out there that even the most experienced DJ hasn’t heard and certain words or phrases that a disc jockey may not realize are offensive to certain cultures.  Thankfully, there are services like the School Dance Network that can help.  By consulting their informative website –, you can access all kinds of valuable information including a giant list of safe songs for students of all ages and cultural backgrounds, a regularly updated ‘Do Not Play List’ and current student trends in both lifestyle and music.  In addition, they certify and list the names of responsible DJs in their School Dance Directory.  Before you hire your next prom or other school dance DJ, check to see if their name appears in this directory and if you seek to hire through an agency, check to see that the agency is mentioned as well.


As with anything else, when it comes to school dances and events, the safety of our children is of utmost importance.  Hiring a responsible DJ for their prom, homecoming or other school dance entertainment benefits everyone, and it’s easy if you know where to look!


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