Current Trends in DJ Marketing and Promotions

Becoming a professional mobile DJ is the same as starting a business.  While it may be a small entertainment business – a sole proprietorship that thrives entirely on the hard work and talents of it’s owner and sole employee – like any size business in any other industry, it relies heavily on its marketing and promotions to stay strong and grow it’s client base.  Each year, the landscape of marketing and promotions changes and a mobile DJ, like any other business, must keep up with current trends in order to compete.  Here are a few of the most current trends when it comes to marketing and promoting professional mobile DJs:


Social Networking – One of the biggest marketing trends that continues to evolve on an almost daily basis is the employment of social networking.  With the help of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a whole slew of other terrific apps, disc jockeys are better positioned to market themselves to millions of potential clients.  Gone are the days of relying on word of mouth among a small group of friends, now reviews and recommendations are readily available for the world to access with a simple click of a mouse or touch of a screen 24 hours a day.  While there are still a few disc jockeys out there who are reluctant to embrace the social networking trend, the overall positive impact can’t be denied.  For many DJs, it is their main source of generating leads among past and current clients with whom they can develop and nurture relationships 140 characters at a time.


Websites that Pack a Punch – While social networking has certainly taken a great big bite out of the overall impact and importance of maintaining a website, a professional, artfully designed website can make all the difference for some DJs, especially for those with extensive resume’s and unique experiences that can’t be summed up in a few photos or a couple of paragraphs within a profile.  When linked to their Facebook page, websites are attracting even more visitors seeking to learn more about the DJ they’re looking to hire.  The websites that are proving most effective are those that are fun and interactive.  For example, instead of providing a simple list of some of their current favorite tunes, DJs are streaming entire songs for visitors to listen to while looking at their sites.  And instead of describing recent events they performed at, they’re providing videos from those events.


Agency Representation – The leading trend in promoting disc jockeys is securing professional talent agency representation.  This trend will continue to grow as DJs struggle to compete in an iPod saturated industry of amateur DJs.  Agencies only want to work with the best and event coordinators know they can count on an agency to hook them up with the most reliable, professional talent available and not another fly-by-night amateur disc jockey.  Large agencies representing mobile DJs throughout the United States and even abroad are fairing the best in this economy and the agencies with websites that simplify the process of finding a DJ the most are garnering the greatest number of clients.

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