Biggest Advantages of Including Uplighting in Your Wedding DJ Package

As any great wedding coordinator will tell you, the most memorable receptions are those that engage all five senses to maximum effect. From the moment your guests enter the reception hall, the music they hear, the food they taste, the flowers they smell, and the fabrics they touch flood their senses. But no sense is engaged more profoundly than their sense of sight. Along with the flowers and decorations, the main thing that visually sets the mood is the lighting. Whether it’s a sophisticated look or a more relaxed party atmosphere you’re going for, adding uplighting will be of great benefit to you and your reception. And thanks to a fast growing trend in event entertainment, there are a large number of talented wedding DJs who can provide uplighting as part of their complete DJ package. Here are a few of the biggest advantages you’ll receive if you include uplighting in your wedding DJ package.

Possibly the biggest advantage to adding uplighting to your DJ package is the overall savings in cost and energy you’ll enjoy. Not only will you benefit from saving big on the cost of hiring a separate person to take care of the programming and installation, since most DJs these days prefer to use modern LED lights, you’ll save on electricity too. On top of being cheaper and more environmentally friendly, LED’s do not pose a fire hazard like traditional incandescent lights making them a much safer choice.

Another great advantage of adding uplighting to your DJ package is the expertise and range of choices you’ll get from your DJ thanks to their many years of experience providing uplighting for wedding receptions like yours. Whether it’s one or two simple colors cast against the walls or lit from behind plants or other featured decorations commonly found at more formal receptions or multi-colored disco lights swirling and spotlighting across a dance floor or stage common to more club like atmospheres, there are LED lights available that can accommodate your wishes. Your DJ can program and control these lights remotely to adjust according to changes in activity or any other specifications you might request. Simply describe to your DJ the atmosphere you are going for and they’re sure to provide the best uplighting design to meet your needs.

To take advantage of these terrific benefits, consult a reputable agency that specializes in promoting wedding DJs in your area. Be sure the agency can provide you with a wide selection of highly reviewed DJs who offer uplighting in their packages at an affordable price. If the agency’s website appears on the first two pages of a Google search, you’ll know your on the right track.

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