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Wedding Music Mishaps

There are so many things that can go wrong at a wedding, and wedding music can be one of the biggest mishaps around. Read this article to try to avoid the major mistakes some make in planning their wedding music.

Wedding Music Mishaps

Try to figure out this. You have a wonderful and grand wedding, the bride is ready, the groom is ready, the lights are on, guests are pouring in and now it’s time for music. Everyone is eagerly waiting to enjoy the dj’s performances and you too are enthusiastic about it. The music is switched on and then everything goes haywire. The guests are astounded and so are you; it spoils the entire mood of the party.


Well, this can be the case in any wedding ceremony, starting from a small level marriage to a high profile wedding event. As music and enjoyment go hand in hand, it is always necessary that you take appropriate measures and ensure that the music and songs that are played are really suited to add to the mood and vivacity of the joyous occasion.


Here are some instances about the wedding music mishaps that may mar your wedding party and make it a farce. Having an idea of it will help you to take precautions so as to avoid such events from taking place.


Appoint the right DJ: It is also necessary that you appoint the right type of disc jockey who will be able to play the right tracks at the right time. One of the major wedding music mishaps can be when the jockey plays some stupid music which will completely degrade the esteem of the event and make it a laughing stock. In this regard it is important that you try to understand the type and nature of wedding. If it is a casual wedding, it is ok to play some fun numbers. However, if the ceremony is too formal, it is better to play some classical or formal stuff.


Another mishap can be to play the same music again and again. This makes the event completely boring. If you really want to make your event great, then keep the guests on their feet.  It is ideal to change the tracks and add some variety to them to keep the party moving. Some guests will want more slow songs and some will only dance to upbeat tunes.  A variety that only a DJ knows best will get everyone involved and dancing the night away.


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