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Making Do Not Play List For Your Wedding DJ

Sometimes more important than a play list for your DJ, maybe you should consider providing a do-not-play list. A Do-Not-Play List gives the disc jockey a clue what type of music would possibly ruin your day if played.

Making Do Not Play List For Your Wedding DJ

In a wedding party, it is always necessary that you play the right kind of music. In any type of event or  celebration, music plays an important role in uplifting the mood and vibrancy of the occasion. In this regard it is always important to play the right music which really fits  the event and enhances the total mood of it. If you are thinking about having some provision of music in your party, you should have a proper idea about the type of music that you are going to play.  It’s always good to make a list of the not-to-play songs and tell the disc jockey not to play such tracks.


Well, first things first, one of the basic things that you need to keep in mind while making a do-not-play song list is to see whether the tracks really go with the event. If the event is a formal one, all obnoxious and cheesy numbers should be avoided. In fact, among most communities, wedding is a formal event and has religious associations, so it is always advisable that you present a track list to your wedding DJ, without any songs that would embarrass you. Playing corny tracks will completely degrade the mood of the party and make it a very cheap one. If the music is more or less casual, the song list may include some popular tracks but that too should completely match with the vivacity of the event and not surpass it in any way.


Similarly, it is also not acceptable to play dry and drab tracks in a party. A wedding is meant to be a social and happy affair and playing some melancholy tracks will make it too boring and make the guests go to sleep. As such, the not-to-play song list that you present to your DJ should also include dry and gloomy numbers. Instruct your disc jockey not to play these tracks as they will completely mar the event and make it useless.



Ideally, the music that you play should be a combination of retro and some recent popular tracks. They should be soft or upbeat and include 99% recognizable songs that people are familiar with.


Always remember that music is a key aspect in making your party a memorable one. If you get it right, you will surely earn accolades from guests.


About the Author:

Daryl Thomas is Professional Mobile Disc Jockey and Booking Agent for 1-800-DISC JOCKEY, LLC, North America's Largest Disc Jockey Booking Service with over 12,000 professional DJs represented.

As a professional radio personality, mobile disc jockey and club DJ himself, Mr. Thomas has successfully MC'd more than 1,925 events in the past 20 years.