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With over 30 years of experience entertaining for all types of events both large & small, I am the deejay you’re considering hiring. I like to describe my style as "cross genre & generational pop" although I do have other types of music in my collection & have access to more via the internet.

Since I have no employees, it means that once booked, you cannot be switched to a different DJ later but it also means that you should respond quickly as other inquiries may come in for the same date as your event, especially if on a Saturday.

You will have guidance thru the process of hiring me but it doesn't stop there. If you decide to choose me as your deejay, along with a contract you will receive an appropriate guide for your type of event & service level.

Let’s see if I am the perfect DJ for your event!

One of my first considerations when trying to come up with an accurate price is to figure out what the minimum system requirements will be because sometimes I find that the client is not sure of what they want or need. If additional sound or lighting equipment is needed, that can be added on later although I do have a package that includes a choice of extra equipment.

If your event is at a venue that has a speaker system in place, which I can easily connect into, then the DJ Only System should be adequate. It comes with my laptop, music & controller. It has a mic for me as well as a 2nd wired microphone for participant use. A table & chair must be provided & all connections to speaker cables & electricity must be within 3ft of where I am to set up. A maximum of ½-hour is allotted for set up prior to the start of performance.
B. E-100 SYSTEM:
If you are expecting less than 100 or so guests & require me to bring a speaker system, then the E-100 System should be adequate. It includes the DJ Only System along with the table & chair as well as two, 2-way, full range, 12” powered speakers on stands adequate for up to 100 in attendance, in a single room or tent. A maximum of 1-hour is allotted for set-up prior to the start of performance. The venue does not under normal conditions need to provide me with a table or chair.
C. E-200 SYSTEM:
When you are expecting over 110, then an upgrade to the E-200 System is required. The two, 2-way, full range, powered speakers are upgraded from 12” to 15” & the wired microphone is replaced with a wireless mic. A maximum of 1.25-hours is allotted for set-up prior to the start of performance.

I can also offer you 3 different levels of service. If my function is to just play music, with little pre-event planning or preparation required & no MC duties or announcements required of me at the event, then my lowest priced Budget Services should be sufficient. If your event is a wedding that requires me to provide a great deal of assistance where I will be spending lots of time in my office planning & preparing with a high amount of MC duties & announcements required of me at your event, then my Premium Services will be required. If however your event fits somewhere in between, my Standard Services should be sufficient.

Low anticipated pre-event planning & preparation required. My function is only to play music. Directions on the provided Budget Music List must be followed & separate lists, screenshots & links are not accepted in order to avoid an additional $75 office charge. Up to 1 music download per performance hour is included if I don’t have the music in my library. $3/each additional download but clients can also provide these avoiding these charges. Clients will handle all announcements & MC duties.
Moderate anticipated pre-event planning & preparation required. Limited announcement & MC duties by the DJ. Up to 4 deejay announcements required. It is understood that clients will handle some of these duties if necessary. Example: for weddings; the announcement of a grand entrance of just the bride & groom (no wedding party) then the 1st Dance, bride/father & groom/mother dances counts as 4. Directions on the provided Standard Music List must be followed & separate lists, screenshots & links are not accepted in order to avoid an additional $75 office charge. Up to 2 music downloads per performance hour are included if I don’t have the music in my library. $3/each additional download but clients can also provide these avoiding these charges.
High anticipated pre-event planning & preparation required. Most or all of the announcements & MC duties will be performed by the DJ so there is no limit on announcements. My Premium Music List is included & separate lists, screenshots & links are accepted. Up to 4 music downloads per performance hour are included if I don’t have the music in my library. $3/each additional download but clients can also provide these avoiding this charge.

The combination of the two allows me to provide a broad range of cost options that fit into one of 4 minimum packages:

Includes travel to & from events within 50 Google miles of Woody Creek, CO 81656. Set up & break down from my vehicle directly into your venue is included. Does not include an overnight stay when required if I cannot return to within 50 Google miles of Woody Creek by midnight. Free parking not within 200 yards of the venue can result in additional charges. Add $100 for events between December 24th & December 30th. Does not include December 31st events.
4 hours minimum on Saturdays.

1. Club Package:
Includes my DJ Only system & Budget services. It's designed for use at a venue that has a speaker system in place. My Budget music list, the shortest & simplest of my music lists is provided. The price for this begins at $280 for the 1st 2 performance hours until 10pm.
2. Party Package:
Includes my E-100 system & Budget services. It builds upon #1 with the addition of a 2-speaker system large enough to handle up to around 100 guests, can be upgraded for up to around 200 guests (E-200) for an additional $50, & is meant for general parties where I am again expected to just play music & the same music list is provided as in #1. The price for this begins at $400 for the 1st 2 performance hours until 10pm.
3. Wedding Package:
Includes the E-200 system when up to 200 guests are expected & Premium Services, plus your choice of an additional speaker for something like a wedding ceremony nearby, a light show with 5 effects or a 10X10 tent for myself (required if your event is outdoors & you are unable to provide me protection from the elements). My most helpful & lengthy Premium music list is provided. The price for this begins at $850 for the 1st 2 performance hours but the additional performance time rate of $60/hr. is extended until midnight when booked in advance.
4. Event Package:
This fits in between #2 & #3. Includes my E-100 system, with the option to upgrade to the E-200 system for an additional $50. Also includes Standard services where I don’t expect to spend an abundant amount of time in my office prepping or a great amount of participation will be expected of me at the event. The price for this begins at $550 for the 1st 2 performance hours until 10pm.

Beyond the minimums, I do have additional sound equipment if your event will have over 200 attendees, special effects lighting & other miscellaneous items & services. Earlier set up or additional meetings can result in additional charges.

ADDITIONAL PERFORMANCE TIME, charged per 1/4-hour:

Noon – 10pm: $25 per ¼-hour at the event or $15 per ¼-hour when booked in advance
10pm – midnight: $35 per ¼-hour at the event or $25 per ¼-hour when booked in advance
midnight – 2am: $50 per ¼-hour at the event or $40 per ¼-hour when booked in advance.

Contact me for pricing if any portion of your event falls between the hours of 2am & noon.

1 credit limit on Saturdays. 2 credits on Fridays & Sundays. No Limit Mondays thru Thursdays.
All credits subject to the package minimum price.

Off Season (April 15 – May 31st & October 1st – November 30th ): -$50
Monday-Thursday Event: -$50
Employee Party (for local employers within 50 miles of the venue): -$50
1st Responder & Military Wedding (a uniform must be worn by the bride or groom): -$50
Commercial (only when open to the public, no private parties, no other credits are applicable): -$100
Charity & Bereavement (with performance ending by 10pm, no other credits are applicable): -$150

Expect my bids to be lower if both deposits & balance payments are made in cash or by check.

I will require a non-refundable deposit between $200 & $400 to secure my services & I do accept payments by credit card via PayPal & Square but my bids will be lower if all payments are made by check or for locals, in cash. If you will require me to have liability insurance, there will be an additional fee, currently anticipated to be $59.

• Shortly after receiving your inquiry, expect me to respond with some additional pre-contractual questions as I will not likely have enough information about you & your event to give you my lowest & most accurate bid. This can also be accomplished on the phone so please feel free to call. PRICING & BIDS ARE NEGOTIABLE! All these items will help guide you through the process of organizing your event with me (or any DJ). It's basic information I need in order to figure out what equipment will be required & the level of service you want, allowing me to come up with a price. All my questions can be found by scrolling down.

• After receiving your reply with the answered questions, I can then email you my recommended package & bid. If you then decide that I am the perfect deejay for your event & agree on the price, I'll send you a contract & a guide appropriate for your requested service level & event type. The guide asks for additional information I need about you, your event & also enables us to create an agenda.

• Then after I receive both the signed contract & your non-refundable deposit, I can send you a music list appropriate for your service level. The music list is a sort of musical map for me (remember, this is after all about you & your needs). Dependent upon the complexity of your event, all items in the guide need to be addressed no later than 1 to 2 weeks prior to your event. It's the same for the list if you think it's particularly important that I have all the titles you may want.

• You will have unlimited phone & email support & if your event is like most weddings, we will need to speak at least once so that I am clear about everything such the pronunciation of names.

• One week prior to your event, I always send a courtesy reminder that includes an invoice with the balance due. Then I'll see you at the event & we party!

• Any items in the agenda can be changed at the event. I can also take requests from participants unless you choose not to allow them to do so. In both cases, I should be given 10 or 15 minutes advance notice in order for all to run smoothly.

• Lastly, the balance is due by the end of performance of services.

Let's see if I am the perfect DJ for your event!

Addressing all items will allow me to give you my most accurate & lowest bid.

• How much do you have budgeted for the deejay?
• What is the location, including the venue name, of your event (some locations can be quite remote & difficult to get to from a city or town)?
• Will I be able to connect into the venues’ sound system (about 5% of my events are at venues that allow me to connect into their systems which means a lower equipment cost for you)?
• Approximately how many guests are you expecting (If I cannot connect into an existing system, I’ll need to know if you are expecting less or more than 100 attendees to receive a minimum bid)?
• When do you expect me to begin my services at the event & when do you expect my services to end?
• When is the latest I should have my equipment set up by (will I need to finish my set up more than 15 minutes before I start)?
• Do you anticipate the need for additional sound equipment (for something like a wedding ceremony or if you are expecting more than 200 guests) or desire a light show?
• Will I be indoors or under a tent with electricity (I must have protection from the elements)?
• Will you prefer to pay by credit card, check or cash?
• I offer 3 service levels;
 If my function is just to play music & you are willing to handle all the emcee duties, then my lowest rate, Budget Services should be sufficient.
 If you are planning a traditional wedding & reception or Mitzvah & need lots of help planning multiple activities that require me to MC with multiple announcements & require lots of help selecting music, then you probably require my highest rate, Premium Services.
 If you think your event falls somewhere in between with a maximum of only 4 announcements required by me (a grand entrance of just the Bride & Groom then the 1st Dance, Bride/Father & Groom/Mother dances counts as 4), & only a moderate amount of help in the planning & music selection process, then the Standard Services should be your “Goldie Locks” (just right).
Which of the above 3 would you prefer?
• For weddings only, will either the Bride or Groom be serving in the military, police or other 1st responders & wearing a uniform at the event (you may qualify for a $50 Service Credit)?
• Is there anything else about your event I should know (not critical to receiving a minimum bid)?

Dan Kinney

"Arrow Productions in ASPEN" Audience Participation Level
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> Low-Key/Formal - Very Little Audience Participation
> Moderate Interaction - Medium Audience Participation
> High Energy - Lots of Audience Participation

Languages Spoken:

- English
Years of Experience: 33

Started making tapes for friends & deejaying in clubs during the 70's when I became known as "Disco" Dan.

I was the 1st DJ in the Roaring Fork Valley to provide services for all types of events in the mid 80's.
Additional Sound System -
Additional Sound System -
Starting Price: $100.00
Basic Lights
Basic Lights
Starting Price: $25.00
Best Light Show
Best Light Show
Starting Price: $250.00
Liability Insurance
Liability Insurance
Starting Price: $59.00
Music Specialities:

All Party Mix/Variety
Ballroom Dance
Big Band/Swing
New Age/Contemporary Jazz
Popular/Rock/Top 40
Rap/Hip Hop/Reggaetn


References are available through my website & upon request, www.ArrowDJs.com.
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Past Event Places:

Place Name City State
Redstone Inn Carbondale CO
A full list of reccamended venues is available at our website, www.ArrowDJs.com

    Wedding Reception
    Wedding Ceremony Only
    Wedding Ceremony & Reception
    Renewal of Vows Reception
    Renewal of Vows Ceremony Only
    Renewal of Vows Ceremony & Reception
    Rehearsal Dinner Entertainment
    Engagement Party
    Bachelorette Party
    Bachelor Party
Corporate Event
    Appreciation Party
    Arena / Stadium Event
    Auto Dealer Sale
    Company Picnic
    Corporate Party
    Grand Opening Event
    Retail Store / Special Sale
    Special Promotion
    Sporting Event
    Team Building Event
Private / Family Function
    4th of July
    Anniversary Party
    Annual Party
    Backyard Barbeque
    Bar Mitzvah (With Dancers and Prizes)
    Bar Mitzvah (Simple)
    Bat Mitzvah (Simple)
    Birthday Party
    Block Party
    Cinco De Mayo
    Family Reunion
    Going Away Party
    Graduation Party
    Halloween Costume Party
    Halloween Party
    Holiday Party
    Masquerade Ball
    New Year's Eve Party
    Pool Party
    Quinceanera Party (Hispanic Sweet 15)
    Retirement Party
    Social Dance
    Sock Hop (50's & 60's Oldies)
    Sweet 16 Party
    Welcome Home Party
School / College Event
    8th Grade Dance
    Arena / Stadium Event
    College Formal
    Elementary School Dance
    End of The Year Dance
    Fraternity Event
    Fraternity Formal / Party
    Fraternity Social
    Fund Raising Event
    Homecoming Dance
    Junior Prom
    Junior Senior Ball
    Junior Senior Prom
    Middle-school Dance
    Organizational Dance / Event
    Pep Rally
    Saddie Hawkins Dance
    School Dance
    Senior Ball
    Sorority Event
    Sorority Formal / Party
    Sorority Social
    Sporting Event
    Theme Dance
    Video Dance Party
Religious / Ethnic / Holiday Celebrations
    Bar Mitzvah (With Dancers and Prizes)
    Bar Mitzvah (Simple)
    Bat Mitzvah (Simple)
    Chanukah Party
    Christmas Party
    Confirmation Party
    Easter Eve Party
    First Communion
    Halloween Party
    New Year's Eve Party
    Quinceanera Party (Hispanic Sweet 15)
    Saint Patrick's Day Party
Bar / Nightclub / Restaurant (DJ's Equipment)
    Classic Rock Night
    Club-style Dance Party
    Country Line-dancing Event
    Couples Night
    Disco Night
    Eighties Night
    Grand Opening
    Happy Hour Event
    Hip-hop / R&B / Rap Dance Party
    House Music Dance Party
    Karaoke Night
    Ladies Night
    Latin / Salsa / Merangue Dance Party
    Monday Night Football Party
    New Year's Eve Party
    Oldies Night
    Reggae / Caribbean / Tropical Dance Party
    Regular Dance Party
    Saint Patrick's Event
    Shag & Beach Music Dance Party
    Singles Night
    Slow Dance / Social Event
    Staff Appreciation Party
    Techno / Rave Night (Large Sound & Lights)
    Techno / Rave Night (Less Than 200 People)
    Theme Night
    Trivia Night
Travel Distance: within 100 miles.

Serving the following zip codes and beyond:

81612 DJs

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What to Watch Out for When Hiring a Wedding Disc Jockey

It’s the hope of every couple getting married that their guests feel welcome, relaxed and entertained throughout their big day, which is why great entertainment is crucial to the success of any wedding reception. One of the best and most financially responsible decisions a wedding coordinator can make is to hire a professional wedding DJ who can do so much more than simply provide musical entertainment during the reception. But how can a coordinator be sure they’ve found the very best? Here are a few things to watch out for when hiring a wedding disc jockey.


The first thing to watch out for is the source from which the DJ was found. For example, be wary of any DJ whom you found on Craigslist or a similar classified advertisement site. Anyone can advertise on these sites without having their skills and work experience verified and accredited. It’s much wiser to seek out talent from a reputable agency with many years of experience promoting wedding DJs because they are held accountable for the skills and reliability of every DJ they promote. With their reputation on the line, they will do everything they can to ensure they are only working with the highest quality and most professional disc jockeys around.


After you’ve consulted a reputable agency and found a few DJs in your area that seem promising, the second thing to watch out for is the DJ’s history. You’re looking for a DJ with the happiest clients and longest history of performing at weddings like yours, so it’s in your best interest to book a face-to-face meeting with a few prospects as soon as possible. During those meetings, you can ask for a list of past clients’ contact information. Be wary of any DJ who hesitates to provide you with a list upon request. Call a few past clients and conduct further research of the DJ’s website, Facebook or other online profile pages. If it’s difficult to find positive reviews or if multiple previous clients provide you with negative feedback – it’s time to look elsewhere.


The third major thing to watch out for are hidden fees for services you did not agree to. When you’ve found a great DJ who can provide all of the services you are looking for, it’s important to get a quote from the DJ that itemizes each and every one of those services, taking into account the total size of your event space. These services can range from adding uplighting, to narrating a photo or video presentation, to providing a photo booth, etc. Once the final contract has been drawn up and is ready to sign by both parties, read through it carefully and be certain everything you need is listed and you are not being charged for anything you did not request.


Watch out for these simple things and you’re sure to hire no one but the very best wedding disc jockey available.

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