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Expert wedding DJ/MC service and dance lights only $500 for a limited time - party or event DJ only $399- spectacular wedding photographer only $500 for a limited time!

Your Wedding and Celebration Experts... top 20 rated in the US and Canada, number 1 in Florida! We are nationwide!

If you are interested in our services please contact us directly 321-412-3878. We apologize but because of the number of referrals we get daily we no longer have time to pursue "cold" leads to find out if someone has interest.

"A BETTER DJ AND PHOTOGRAPHER in ORLANDO" Audience Participation Level
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> Low-Key/Formal - Very Little Audience Participation
> Moderate Interaction - Medium Audience Participation
> High Energy - Lots of Audience Participation

Languages Spoken:

- English
Years of Experience: 5000

As wedding and celebration experts we have done thousands of public performances!
Additional Sound System -
Additional Sound System -
Starting Price: $100.00
Basic Lights
Basic Lights
Starting Price: Not Defined
Karaoke Sing-A-Long
Karaoke Sing-A-Long
Starting Price: Not Defined
Liability Insurance
Liability Insurance
Starting Price: Not Defined
Starting Price: $400.00
Rental Sound System Only
Rental Sound System Only
Starting Price: $400.00
Music Specialities:

All Party Mix/Variety
Ballroom Dance
Big Band/Swing
New Age/Contemporary Jazz
Popular/Rock/Top 40
Rap/Hip Hop/Reggaetn
World Beat/International


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Your DJ is the Most Important Part of Your Reception
Published on: Monday 14th of March 2011

The most important part of your wedding only takes about 6 seconds... and that part is free! That's when you say "I DO"!


The most important part of your reception starts before you enter the reception venue,  and continues until the very end... that's your DJ!


DJs don't just show up and play music for 4 hours. Your DJ will spend many hours prior to your special day; preparing your music, organizing a schedule, coordinating your special songs with you, putting together your introduction list, testing the discs, packing equipment, loading equipment, unloading equipment, setting up the system, and straightening up their area,  all before your reception even starts.


Your cake cutting ceremony may last as long as 5 minutes,  the food you choose could last as long as an hour, your dress, flowers, and table decorations will be beautiful. All of these things will create your ambiance,  but they won't entertain your guests!


Your DJ will start playing background music before your guests arrive. They will have your bridal party introduction music cued up and ready to go, and have your introduction list within easy reach so that it is ready to go for your grand entry. Now it's time for your DJ to become the MC... "Ladies and gentleman, if you would please rise and help me welcome... for their first public entry... MR&MRS ____ _____!


From there you will be guided into your 1st dance, (depending on your schedule) and then dinner will be announced. During dinner soft background music will be played and you DJ will probably host the toasts.


After dinner your DJ will MC the other traditional dances... father/daughter, mother/son, and/or any other special dances you have requested... then it's time to get the party to started!




Your DJ will have coordinated a song list with you of your special songs, and will mix in songs they know will fit just right for your guests. Your DJ will MC special dances, and also keep an eye on the schedule to include and MC your traditional special events; garter toss,  bouquet toss, catchers' garter ceremony, and cake cutting. Your DJ is basically the host of your reception!


At the end of the night your Dj will play your last dance, thank you and your guests for a great evening, and shut down the system. Then they are back to packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking again!


You will probably spend more on flowers than you do on your DJ. You don't need to do a lot of shopping around to find the right DJ. Once you find one that you are confident in, hire them! Don't lose them because you are holding off and trying to get a cheaper one... get the good one!


To sum it all up, a month after your wedding your guests won't remember the cake, the food, the flowers, or your table decorations, but they WILL remember what a great time they had celebrating your wedding and being entertained by the fabulous DJ you chose!



Verify that:


1. Your DJ has a lot of experience hosting your particular type of event.


2. Your DJ's system has enough power for the venue that your event is scheduled in.


3. That your DJ will bring back-up for every crucial component of the system.


4. That your DJ will bring all of the music that you have requested in advance. (and will have a 2nd copy of important wedding songs)


5. That your DJ has a strong voice and is willing to MC your event.


6. That your DJ has a back-up plan in case of sickness or any other emergency.


7. That your DJ will arrive in time to be set up BEFORE your guests arrive.


8. That your DJ does not charge you for set up and tear down time.


9. For events with over 150 guests your DJ will have an assistant or MC. It is not possible to keep the music going non-stop and be able to handle crowd requests and manage timed events (especially wedding receptions) properly with only 1 DJ.



10. That your DJ will provide a contract that includes their cancellation/reschedule policy.


11. That your DJ is easily available by phone to help you coordinate your event planning.


12. That your DJ really loves doing this... if they don't have fun... neither will you and your guests!



13. That your DJ does not have an attitude that indicates that they may be difficult to work with.



This is YOUR special event!!!

The DJ is the most important part of your event... and your wedding will be the most important event of your life!!!

Don't get a lousy DJ just to save a few bucks!

    Wedding Reception
    Wedding Ceremony Only
    Wedding Ceremony & Reception
    Renewal of Vows Reception
    Renewal of Vows Ceremony Only
    Renewal of Vows Ceremony & Reception
    Rehearsal Dinner Entertainment
    Engagement Party
    Bachelorette Party
    Bachelor Party
Corporate Event
    Appreciation Party
    Arena / Stadium Event
    Auto Dealer Sale
    Company Picnic
    Corporate Party
    Grand Opening Event
    Karaoke Sing-off Challenge Event
    Retail Store / Special Sale
    Special Promotion
    Sporting Event
    Team Building Event
Private / Family Function
    4th of July
    Anniversary Party
    Annual Party
    Backyard Barbeque
    Bar Mitzvah (With Dancers and Prizes)
    Bar Mitzvah (Simple)
    Bat Mitzvah (Simple)
    Birthday Party
    Block Party
    Cinco De Mayo
    Family Reunion
    Going Away Party
    Graduation Party
    Halloween Costume Party
    Halloween Party
    Holiday Party
    Masquerade Ball
    New Year's Eve Party
    Pool Party
    Quinceanera Party (Hispanic Sweet 15)
    Retirement Party
    Social Dance
    Sock Hop (50's & 60's Oldies)
    Sweet 16 Party
    Welcome Home Party
School / College Event
    8th Grade Dance
    Arena / Stadium Event
    College Formal
    Elementary School Dance
    End of The Year Dance
    Fraternity Event
    Fraternity Formal / Party
    Fraternity Social
    Fund Raising Event
    Homecoming Dance
    Junior Prom
    Junior Senior Ball
    Junior Senior Prom
    Middle-school Dance
    Organizational Dance / Event
    Pep Rally
    Saddie Hawkins Dance
    School Dance
    Senior Ball
    Sorority Event
    Sorority Formal / Party
    Sorority Social
    Sporting Event
    Theme Dance
    Video Dance Party
Religious / Ethnic / Holiday Celebrations
    Bar Mitzvah (With Dancers and Prizes)
    Bar Mitzvah (Simple)
    Bat Mitzvah (Simple)
    Chanukah Party
    Christmas Party
    Confirmation Party
    Easter Eve Party
    First Communion
    Halloween Party
    New Year's Eve Party
    Quinceanera Party (Hispanic Sweet 15)
    Saint Patrick's Day Party
Bar / Nightclub / Restaurant (DJ's Equipment)
    Classic Rock Night
    Club-style Dance Party
    Country Line-dancing Event
    Couples Night
    Disco Night
    Eighties Night
    Grand Opening
    Happy Hour Event
    Hip-hop / R&B / Rap Dance Party
    House Music Dance Party
    Karaoke Night
    Ladies Night
    Latin / Salsa / Merangue Dance Party
    Monday Night Football Party
    New Year's Eve Party
    Oldies Night
    Reggae / Caribbean / Tropical Dance Party
    Regular Dance Party
    Saint Patrick's Event
    Shag & Beach Music Dance Party
    Singles Night
    Slow Dance / Social Event
    Staff Appreciation Party
    Techno / Rave Night (Large Sound & Lights)
    Techno / Rave Night (Less Than 200 People)
    Theme Night
    Trivia Night
Using The DJ's Pa System
    Car Sale
    Car Show
    Carnival Or Circus
    College Sporting Event
    Corporate Olympics
    County Fair
    Fashion Show
    Fund Raiser Event
    Hs Sporting Event
    In-store Sale
    Political Event
    Press Conference
    Pro Sporting Event
    Race Event
    Religious Event
    Social Event
    Special Event
    State Fair
    Talent Show
Using Your Pa System
    Car Sale
    Car Show
    Carnival Or Circus
    College Sporting Event
    Corporate Olympics
    County Fair
    Fashion Show
    Fund Raiser Event
    Hs Sporting Event
    In-store Sale
    Political Event
    Press Conference
    Pro Sporting Event
    Race Event
    Religious Event
    Social Event
    Special Event
    State Fair
    Talent Show

Hiring a DJ is safe and easy with these tips from 800DJ!
What to Watch Out for When Hiring a Wedding Disc Jockey

It’s the hope of every couple getting married that their guests feel welcome, relaxed and entertained throughout their big day, which is why great entertainment is crucial to the success of any wedding reception. One of the best and most financially responsible decisions a wedding coordinator can make is to hire a professional wedding DJ who can do so much more than simply provide musical entertainment during the reception. But how can a coordinator be sure they’ve found the very best? Here are a few things to watch out for when hiring a wedding disc jockey.


The first thing to watch out for is the source from which the DJ was found. For example, be wary of any DJ whom you found on Craigslist or a similar classified advertisement site. Anyone can advertise on these sites without having their skills and work experience verified and accredited. It’s much wiser to seek out talent from a reputable agency with many years of experience promoting wedding DJs because they are held accountable for the skills and reliability of every DJ they promote. With their reputation on the line, they will do everything they can to ensure they are only working with the highest quality and most professional disc jockeys around.


After you’ve consulted a reputable agency and found a few DJs in your area that seem promising, the second thing to watch out for is the DJ’s history. You’re looking for a DJ with the happiest clients and longest history of performing at weddings like yours, so it’s in your best interest to book a face-to-face meeting with a few prospects as soon as possible. During those meetings, you can ask for a list of past clients’ contact information. Be wary of any DJ who hesitates to provide you with a list upon request. Call a few past clients and conduct further research of the DJ’s website, Facebook or other online profile pages. If it’s difficult to find positive reviews or if multiple previous clients provide you with negative feedback – it’s time to look elsewhere.


The third major thing to watch out for are hidden fees for services you did not agree to. When you’ve found a great DJ who can provide all of the services you are looking for, it’s important to get a quote from the DJ that itemizes each and every one of those services, taking into account the total size of your event space. These services can range from adding uplighting, to narrating a photo or video presentation, to providing a photo booth, etc. Once the final contract has been drawn up and is ready to sign by both parties, read through it carefully and be certain everything you need is listed and you are not being charged for anything you did not request.


Watch out for these simple things and you’re sure to hire no one but the very best wedding disc jockey available.

Wedding DJ or Band? There are definitely benefits to both alternatives, but also for a lot of weddings, hiring a professional DJ is a far better choice.

Finding the best in Party or Wedding DJ is easy now thanks to 800dj.com.