What Makes a Good Club DJ

A good club DJ is one who has the ability to attract more and more crowds to the club.  A good club DJ can do this by presenting his/her best music on the dance floor.  If you simply play the old music every time, nobody will admire you and you will lose the charm.  You have to add something new for your customers each time they come to hear you.

People visit night clubs to entertain themselves and to hear something that they have not heard before.  Listening to the same music each time will make them bored and they will shift to another club.  If you have an ability to add something new to the music, definitely it will attract more and more people.  You should try to present something original and do not try to copy it from anybody.  People do not like copy cats, they like to listen to the original music that puts them in the mood to dance.

A good club DJ is one who makes people dance and energize their body with music.  A good club DJ plays the music for his/her customers and not for himself or herself.  You should communicate well with your customers so that they realize that you are playing music for them and it is not a personal performance.  You have to forget everything about yourself when you are performing for the dance floor and it is your foremost responsibility to communicate with your customers and make them feel happy.  A good club DJ should accept and play the request of customers if they will work.  Some request can just “kill the dance floor” so you cannot play those songs.

You should know the tastes of your customers and you should work according to their tastes.  Different customers are present in the clubs but you have to be careful to know the interests of all your fans.  You can make your fans dance if you present a different style of music in an original way.

A good club DJ will stop at no end to build a strong fan base. Using Facebook and Twitter, a club DJ can build a following for the club he or she works for.

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