Top Five Reasons to Hire a Disc Jockey for Your Next Event

Whether you’re getting married, throwing a party or coordinating an important school or corporate event, hiring a DJ will tremendously enhance its success.  Here are five of the best reasons to hire a professional disc jockey for your next event:

1.  Affordability – No matter where you live or what type of DJ you are looking for, there are talented jocks available within your budget.  Once you’ve determined what you can afford, look for reputable agencies that allow you to narrow your search by price range, on top of location and specialty, and will provide price quotes for their DJs upon request.  No matter what you pay, it will most likely be cheaper than hiring a band.

2.  Adaptability – Event DJs are brilliant at adapting to both the needs of their event coordinators as well as those of the guests in attendance.  They are skilled at reading their audiences and easing them out onto the dance floor.  Their vast music collections ensure that they can fulfill most, if not all, song requests.  And their fun personalities, language skills and confidence behind a microphone make them terrific emcees for guest introductions, video presentations, contests, etc.

3.  Dependability – An event DJ will always provide their own sound equipment, even lighting and video in some cases, and you can count on the fact that they will have all of the current hits available upon request.  They will provide you with a written quote, ensure all of your song requests are played, avoid any songs or banter that might offend your guests and be set up and ready to go before the first person arrives.

4.  Presentation – Beyond spinning music, great DJs are often equipped with wit and humor and the ability to emcee guest introductions, provide live narration for video or slide presentations, ease the crowd and coax reluctant guests out onto the dance floor, and even offer toasts.  To further enhance the visual experience, many can also provide their own LED lighting equipment and disco balls.

5.  Peace of Mind – Possibly the greatest reason for hiring a DJ is the peace of mind you’ll get just knowing that your guests will be constantly entertained.  Unlike a band in need of breaks, a DJ can spin the whole night through without interruption.  You don’t even have to say a word if you don’t want to – a DJ will say whatever you ask them to.

An event is only successful if you and your guests are able to have fun and remain present and in the moment.  Hiring a professional disc jockey will allow you to do just that!

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