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Biggest Advantages of Including Uplighting in Your Wedding DJ Package


As any great wedding coordinator will tell you, the most memorable receptions are those that engage all five senses to maximum effect. From the moment your guests enter the reception hall, the music they hear, the food they taste, the flowers they smell, and the fabrics they touch flood their senses. But no sense is […]

Wedding Webmasters: Building a Website for Your Wedding

One of the most important tasks couples take on when coordinating their weddings is the creation of their wedding websites. On it they can feature their engagement photos, the story of how they first met, videos they’ve made together, links to all of the stores where they’re registered at, etc. The options are endless and […]

Is Uplighting Worth It?


As it is known in the event entertainment industry, uplighting is lighting that adds visual enhancement and stunning effects to an event. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate function or any other kind of party you’re coordinating it’s worth looking into the many benefits you can get from uplighting. Whether it’s simple, sophisticated lighting that shines […]