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Top 10 First Dance Songs from 2013

Top First Dance Songs of 2013

One of the most significant moments of a couple’s wedding day is their first dance and it’s the choice of song that makes all the difference.  Some couples know what song it will be the moment after the proposal, while others take a lot longer to consider their options before coming to a decision.  And […]

How to Broadcast Your Wedding Live on the Internet


There was a time, not so long ago, when couples felt guilty about inviting friends and family members to their wedding whom they knew did not have the time, the health or the resources to attend.  Thanks to the internet, this is no longer an issue for many brides and grooms as their entire wedding, […]

How to Make an Epic Halloween Party

How to make an epic Halloween party

No holiday inspires more creativity in America better than Halloween.  From the costumes to the decorations to the food and the spooky music, the options are endless.   Planning an Epic Halloween Party can feel a bit overwhelming at first for those tasked with planning a party.  But it doesn’t have to be complicated, here’s […]