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DJs: How to Market Your DJ Services

DJ Marketing

Smart Strategies for Disc Jockeys to Market Their Talents We all know that marketing is crucial to the success of a business. Well, the same can be said for DJs looking to market their talents. As more and more DJs enter the talent pool, it becomes increasingly difficult for an individual disc jockey to make […]

Four Simple Steps to Success as a Mobile Disc Jockey

Become A DJ

With the increased accessibility, ease of use and affordability of top-of-the-line equipment, its no wonder the DJ talent pool has grown so massive. Needless to say, success is hardly guaranteed for every mobile disc jockey who enters the market. The truth is, a vast majority of mobile DJs are only hired to perform a handful […]

Latest Sound and Lighting Trends of the World’s Most Popular Disc Jockeys


Recent technological advances have made a huge impact on sound and lighting equipment used by professional disc jockeys across the globe.  While quality continues to increase, prices are coming down allowing more aspiring talent to enter the market.  For those just getting started or those looking to upgrade their current equipment, it may be helpful […]