How to Pick the Right DJ for Your Party

Picking a DJ is not an easy task, especially if you live in an area where there a lot of DJs. The DJ’s job is to keep everyone pumped up and get the party flowing. Good DJs can read the guests quickly and make their song decisions based on the age group, crowd diversity, and energy level. A bad DJ, on the other hand, can make a hot party fizzle out. Poor sound systems or unpopular songs will put off the crowd and end the party abruptly.

Word of Mouth DJs

Hiring a professional DJ via word of mouth is one way to go about it. This method has the advantage of first-hand reviews. Your friends will tell you honestly if a DJ is worth his fee. The downside to this hiring method is that you might need a special type of DJ or that your friends may not know any DJs. In addition, there could be many excellent DJs in your area that you or your friends don’t yet know.

Mobile DJs

A mobile DJ is a professional that comes to you with his equipment. Usually, these types of DJs travel long distances to host parties, so they drive vans to keep everything organized. An advantage to hiring a mobile DJ is that you have a wide selection and can pick one that lives relatively far from you. The only downside is that you might not be able to meet a mobile DJ in person before your party.

DJ Fees

Some people hire DJs based on their fee. They assume that “you get what you pay for.” DJs that have high fees charge them for a reason. Their equipment is better; they have more experience, and understand how to entertain different types of crowds. Hiring your uncle Bob for a big wedding reception might feel right, but you need an experienced professional to take charge of something as important as a videotaped wedding party.

The DJ Interview

Always conduct an interview with the potential DJ, either on the phone or in person (preferable). Here are some questions you should ask him:

1. Do you also MC?

2. What type of equipment do you have?

3. Do you have references?

4. What types of music do you have on hand?

5. Are you experienced with X type of party?

6. What’s your cancellation fee?

7. How are you different from other DJs in the area?

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