How to Dance to “Gangnam Style” by PSY

Easily one of the top five most celebrated songs of 2012 is PSY’s “Gangnam Style.” So beloved is the song that it has quickly become a staple at parties and wedding receptions, among many other events. But it’s not the infectious melody alone that has enraptured such a vast international audience. Most of the song’s tremendous popularity comes from its accompanying music video’s trendy dance, a dance that continues to inspire a great number of flash mob tributes and hilarious YouTube parodies.

For DJs, the song is a gift as they know they can count on it to encourage maximum audience participation at most of the events for which they are hired to perform. As a reluctant dancer, it is also a great song to get up and dance to as it’s easy to learn and its almost certain there will be plenty of other participants around so they can choose whether or not to stand out or just blend in with the rest of the dance floor crowd. For everyone wishing to participate, here are the basics of the dance and how to perform it:

First, pretend you are riding on top of a horse. Now pick up and step down with your right foot, then your left foot, then your right foot twice in quick succession. You will then repeat these steps starting with your left foot, switching to your right and ending with your left foot twice. Continue repeating this sequence of steps while moving your upper body in a manner that suggests you are riding and lassoing a horse.



As with any dance, practice makes perfect and you may find it helpful to watch the official music video on YouTube where you can also find fan tutorials to guide you in your practice. But the best way to learn the dance fast is to get together with friends or if you’re feeling really brave, just go ahead and jump up on the dance floor when the DJ spins the song at your next event and you’re sure to pick it up in no time. Just don’t be alarmed when a few extra steps get added in by your fellow dancers as the song has a reputation for encouraging all manner of spontaneous improvisation.

If you are hosting or coordinating an event in the near future and you want to have this song and many more songs ideal for encouraging maximum guest participation, hire a professional mobile DJ from a respected agency representing talented DJs in your area. A simple Google search will generate a generous list of agencies. Focus on those that appear in the first one or two pages of your search and have been in business the longest as they will likely represent the highest quality talent.

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