How to Dance the Wobble (by V.I.C.)

How to Dance the Wobble

Easily one of the most popular group dances to emerge from the hip-hop music scene, the Wobble, is rooted in traditional line dancing. Inspired by the 2008 hit song “Wobble” by V.I.C., this soulful dance favors booty shakin’ over boot scootin’ and is relatively easy to pick up with minimal practice. Here is a brief synopsis of this dance quite often referred to as a ‘hustle’:

First, all the dancers line up and face the same direction as in traditional line dancing and proceed to perform all of the steps of the dance in unison once the music starts. As the song begins to play, dancers will ‘wobble’ (shake their hips) to the rhythm then take a step forward and wobble in place for a count of four beats. They will then take a step back and wobble in place for four more beats. Next, they will take a step to their right and drop their right shoulder a bit as they wobble for another four beats. They will then do the same to their left, dropping their left shoulder and wobbling for yet another four beats.

Then comes the cha-cha portion of the dance when each dancer will put their right foot forward while leaving their left foot in place and wobble for four beats making sure to continue to move their hips and dance with one leg forward. The cha-cha portion continues by pulling back the right foot and placing the left foot out in front, holding it out there for a further count of four. The final step has the dancers turning and wobbling 90 degrees to their left at a count of four beats and starting the dance all over again.

As you can see from the directions above, the important number to remember here is four. The beauty part about the Wobble is when you lose your count or miss a step, you need only look to the dancers to the left and right of you to get back into the rhythm.

For further visual instruction:

The Wobble is an excellent dance to encourage more people out onto the dance floor, which is why many talented professional mobile DJs regularly incorporate the song on which it is based into their playlists. To ensure this and other popular group dance songs get played at your next party or special event, hire a professional disc jockey from a reputable talent agency. There are talented DJs available to fit budgets of all sizes throughout the country and you can rest assured that all the best DJs remain up to date on all the current music and dance trends.


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