Harlem Shake Wedding Edition: Best Videos

The latest group dance craze sweeping the nation is the Harlem Shake.  It’s no surprise then that the popular dance is making a big splash at more and more wedding receptions and a crop of terrific videos have recently surfaced on YouTube showcasing all the fun.


Here are just a handful of the best Harlem Shake videos recorded at recent weddings:


1.  The happy couple rock robot masks before their colorfully costumed wedding party and guests join in for the final shake down in this amusing 30 second video:


2.  Here’s what happens when a cardboard box officiates an outdoor, front porch wedding ceremony and a mad Harlem Shake breaks out:


3.  “Sometimes you just gotta shake it!”  You know it’s gonna be a long, happy marriage for the happy couple when Grandpa offers this brilliant bit of advice before the big “I Dos”:


4.  Who knew a simple table napkin could become such a hilarious prop as it does in this comical take on the Harlem Shake:


5.  Incorporating the use of a funky assortment of inflatable animals, this is exactly the kind of outdoor wedding we’d all love to crash:


As you can see from the videos above, making a Harlem Shake Video not only enhances your celebration, it provides you with a priceless souvenir you can share with your friends and family and help you remember your big day for many years to come.  To get in on this delightful dance craze at your wedding, hire a DJ who can also serve as your videographer.  Find one now by consulting reputable talent agency websites representing the best wedding DJs in your area.

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