Secrets to Customizing the Best, Most Affordable DJ Package for Any Event


One of the biggest benefits of hiring a DJ for your event is the fact that you’re not just getting a person who knows how to spin a record or press play on an iPod, you’re getting a talented emcee with a vibrant, engaging personality who can encourage even the most reluctant to relax, dance and have fun. They can offer unique services that would have been considered unconventional less than a decade ago and they can help you customize a unique all-encompassing, entertainment package to meet your needs and fit your budget. Here are some secrets to assist you in customizing the best, most affordable DJ package for your next event:

First you should establish an event budget that delegates a fair percentage to entertainment. This amount may range anywhere from 15% to 35% depending on the nature and size of your event. Next, draw up a list of services you’ll require from your DJ. These services can include guest introductions, slide-show narration, game or contest hosting, running a karaoke machine, speaking in multiple languages, providing uplighting or photo booths, you name it. Prioritize your list just in case you are not able to find or afford all of the services you are looking for.

Now, take the amount of money you can afford and the list of services you require and head on over to your computer. First, you may find it helpful to research each of the individual services you require to see how much DJs normally charge for them and use those amounts to better negotiate a better package price. Next, search for reputable talent agencies who specialize in promoting event DJs near you. Keep in mind that the most reliable agencies will have been in business the longest and have professional looking websites that allow you to easily search for DJs by location, service and price point. Choose at least two DJs that you think might work within your budget and arrange to meet with them individually.

When you meet with each DJ, make sure to be upfront and honest about what you will need and what you can afford. If for financial reasons not every service on your wish list can be delivered, the DJ may offer you other solutions that provide just as much entertainment value at a price you can actually afford. Be open-minded, but stay firm on the requirements that are most important to you. If the disc jockeys you interview can’t provide your top priorities at an affordable price, head back to the agencies and search for one who will.

Rest assured, there are hundreds of talented DJs looking for gigs in your area, and they’d be delighted to help you customize the best entertainment package to meet your needs and fit your budget. Find a great one today by consulting reputable talent agencies in your neighborhood!

Is Uplighting Worth It?


As it is known in the event entertainment industry, uplighting is lighting that adds visual enhancement and stunning effects to an event. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate function or any other kind of party you’re coordinating it’s worth looking into the many benefits you can get from uplighting.

Whether it’s simple, sophisticated lighting that shines up walls and columns or behind trees and other props to elegant effect, or fun, colorful lighting that lights up a dance floor or spot lights specific points within a room or on a stage, there is uplighting available that can greatly enhance the overall visual experience of your event.

Thanks to huge advancements in LED technology, more colorful options are available than ever. You can choose to have only one or two simple, unobtrusive colors that never change or change only slightly throughout the course of your event creating a more sophisticated look ideal for corporate and other formal functions. Or you can pick a wide variety of colors that can be programmed to mix and spin around your entire event space creating a club atmosphere for more informal parties and events.

Modern LED uplighting units are also much more discreet, compact, lighter and safer than they ever were before. They consume significantly less electricity than traditional incandescent lights. They are often wireless which means there is no need to hide unsightly power strips or worry about long chords creating obstacles that compromise the safety of your guests. Best of all, since they do not overheat, they are not a fire hazard.

Along with the significant savings recent advances in LED technology have afforded consumers, even bigger savings are available thanks to the increasing number of talented DJs offering uplighting as part of their complete DJ package. By purchasing uplighting as part of a complete DJ package, not only will you save on overall cost, but you’ll eliminate the extra headache of hiring a separate lighting engineer or trying to install the lights yourself.

The fact is with any event, the more senses you can engage, the more successful and memorable your event will be. Atmosphere is everything and considering all of the recent advances in LED technology and the increasing affordability of renting this technology, it’s no wonder more and more event coordinators are jumping on the trend. To get the best uplighting at the most affordable price, note the exact dimensions of your event space, decide whether you will need more simple, sophisticated lighting or colorful party lighting and consult a reputable disc jockey agency online to compare local DJs who specialize in the type of event you are hosting and incorporate uplighting into their entertainment packages.

Destination Wedding Ideas for 2014


Destination weddings offer couples a greater opportunity to customize their wedding experience. Whether they’re looking to take advantage of gorgeous seasonal foliage, celebrate the historical significance of a location, or simply exchange vows in a dream vacation environment, a destination wedding can provide them with the memorable wedding experience they desire. If you are considering a destination wedding for yourself or a friend, here are a few terrific ideas for 2014:

Domestic Destinations: For a Spring wedding, consider southern towns like Savannah, Georgia. With moderate temperatures and abundant flora in full bloom, the atmosphere is perfect for an outdoor ceremony and reception. The city is well equipped with a wide selection of historic and garden venues like The Mackey House and the Davenport House Garden. More intimate, Gazebo Weddings are also very popular in Savannah and can be hosted at locations like the beautiful Beaulieu Plantation District.

For a fall wedding, you’ll want to take advantage of the colorful fall foliage. And when if comes to colorful scenery, you can’t beat New England and its many elegant venues like Blantyre in Lenox, MA, the storybook countryside of Mad River Valley, VT or the Lake Placid Lodge near the breathtaking Adirondack mountains in Lake Placid, NY.

International Destinations: For a tropical atmosphere, one of the hottest destinations right now is Taveuni Island in Fiji, especially for couples who like adventure and eco-friendly environments. Alternatively, you may also want to consider a beach wedding in Belize overlooking the tranquil turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

For a classic, romantic setting, Italy offers the most exciting options. You can choose a romantic villa in Tuscany surrounded by grapevines and olive trees or trade the countryside for an historic location in Rome, like the Griffe Hotel which is situated near the world renowned Colosseum or the Residenza Di Ripetta, a 17th century former convent located just around the corner from the infamous Spanish Steps.

Budget Destinations: When you can’t afford to invite the whole family or even host a reception, you can’t beat Las Vegas, NV. With a multitude of tiny, affordable wedding chapels to choose from and a vast selection of officiants (including beloved Elvis impersonators) available to conduct the proceedings, you’re sure to get the most entertaining wedding experience on a tight budget. And after the vows are exchanged and the pronouncement is made, who needs a reception when you have Las Vegas to entertain your guests?

If Vegas is not your thing, another fine budget destination is Mexico where you will enjoy a lush tropical environment and can negotiate a great wedding package deal at premium resorts like Barceló Puerto Vallarta. For a domestic seaside alternative, you can take advantage of Monterey Peninsula’s dramatic coastline in California and host an unforgettable ceremony on one of its many beaches overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

If none of these destinations are attractive to you, think of the places you love traveling the most and research wedding venues in those areas. Remember to stick to your budget so you can also enjoy a fabulous destination honeymoon.

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